Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice

Welcome summer! It's so nice to see the blue sky again!  Everyone just seems happier when the sun is shining!

Not much new here to report.  Chemo #4 and last AC is scheduled for the 26th if all blood works is good.  Blood work and oncology appointment is booked for the 25th.  These past few days have been rather good ones - no head aches, body aches, swollen mouth, etc so I must be ready to go again!  After this chemo, I will start the weekly Taxol chemo sessions for 12 weeks.  These are lower dose to (hopefully) minimize side effects.

What is amazing is I still have hair stubble on my head and on my legs!  Yes!  The warm weather forces me to look closely at the legs and YES I still have to shave them! Hahaha!  Go figure - no hair in other areas (, Jim, I am not naming the areas)...let's just say we are saving money this summer :-D

Bob is in Pittsburgh for the draft...he may have another TV appearance with Ottawa.  I wonder if he will be hugging people (in excitement of course) for national TV....again!  LOL!!  It is good for him to get away from me and my serial killer tendencies once in a while...(Darn hormones!!)

Mikayla and Rob are wrapping up high school finals and Alycia is busy working.  Mom and dad are here for a few days too.  So things continue to be busy around here!

All three kids will be working in Regina this summer.  We hope to get out fishing around here since it is nice and close to home.  Bob and Rob went out last week and caught a couple of nice pickerel for supper!  Now that is a great way to kick off summer!!

Now that summer is officially here - ENJOY every minute of it!  We wait all winter for this!

Lots of love, Shelley


  1. Shel, our men are due home today and post DRAFT truly launches the beginning of summer, where we can focus on family and togetherness!! I wish we lived closer, I would make you a deal. I would clean and you could cook!
    Mikalya, we have never met but your song made me cry. You gave your Mom the most precious gift of all, a gift of LOVe!!!
    I am so happy that you are acknowledging each step and milestone that you conquer. You must never take for granted your strength, determination and remarkable optimism. You are so, so special and you need to remember that every minute of every day!!!
    hugs from Ottawa-xoxo

  2. Michelle Burant EppJune 26, 2012 at 12:25 PM

    Shel, just saw your photo on FaceBook. You look amazing. And reading your blog, you still have your wits about ya! You are an inspiration to me (and I'd guess many others). Hope you have a great summer!