Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Halfway Mark :)

Greetings to all!

June 26 2012 Ready for Round 4
Yesterday marked the halfway point in this rigorous chemotherapy treatment plan.  It is the last of the AC chemo treatment.  In three weeks I will start the weekly Taxol therapy sessions.

Mikayla took a quick picture of us just before Bob and I left for the hospital....this is my "Jenny" look.  The session was uneventful and we were out of there in 2 1/2 hours - best time yet!!  Slept went well last night and so far today things feel ok.  Bob and I are about to take Zoe for a walk while I still have the energy for the day.  Usually during Week 1 a walk will put me on my back for a bit BUT it is so worth it to get the exercise in!  I haven't had a headache yet this morning so that is good news.  Doc altered my meds a bit, to hopefully help with that.  He also prescribed some mouth meds that will keep the swelling I have had in Week 2 away.....wouldn't that be great?!  My appetite is still really healthy...perhaps too much so ;) I feel as though I need to walk double time for what I have managed to scarf down!!  Luckily my in-house trainer and cheerleader extraordinaire Bob is keeping me on track!

June 26 2012 by Rosalie Synk
Yesterday Regina was on severe weather watch and the clouds and sky were loaded with entertainment.  Not as severe as some of our neighbouring communities though. Prince Albert was without power all night and day! Here is a photo of the Regina sky that my good friend Rosalie S is really cool!! The clouds are called Mammatus clouds.

We hope to take advantage of the nice weather and the next two weeks of chemo recovery before the weekly rounds starts by going fishing, biking and visiting family.


To all our friends and family,
Enjoy the weather rain or shine ('s not -40 out...yet)
Enjoy your family and friends.
Take lots of pictures and create lots of memories!
Happy Summer!

Lots of love,  Shelley & Bob

p.s.  Thanks to Allison for taking care of the guys in Pittsburgh! :)   They made it home safely!


  1. Shel you look amazing - more like Mik's sister than her mom!

  2. What a great picture Shelley and Mikayla!! I love your "Jenny" look Shell! Can you do a picture with you and all the family? Would love to see the shiny faces of your 3 cherubs (and BBB of course)!
    Have a great long weekend. Get those walks in with your personal trainer and enjoy the weather - whatever it looks like : )

  3. Hi Shelley... You look great - what an awesome picture. Mikayla is all grown up!!! Glad to hear u are heading towards the end of chemo - will be nice to have that finished with! We think of you, BBB & the family often. Just sitting here getting a pedicure and catching up on news.

    You know the last time I seen clouds like that pix from Rosalie, was when Headingly had that Huge tornado years ago.... Pretty scary looking!

    Mitchell will be attending RRC this fall as auto collision & repair... Hes looking forward to that.... Marty started driving this week... I have been his co-pilot...yikes.... James and I working, working, working... Although he.put his back out yesterday. Bob and James were good for swapping back stories! :-)

    Your wonderful family is taking great care of you... Keep strong Shelley! Luv the Kilburn's