Monday, June 11, 2012

Round 3 - Week 1

Well, I would be lying if I said this round was a walk in the park!  However, I still consider myself lucky with the side effects.  This past week head aches and fatigue seemed to get the best of me.  Thank goodness for Tylenol...( I could do a commercial :) 

Bob & I walked every morning this past week but the afternoons and evenings had me flat on my back. Mornings are great for walks on week 1 because I am jacked up on steriods and it feels like the energy is overflowing! But that is where these darn drugs play mind and body games!  Fatique sets in like no other!After an hour (sometimes more) of napping I would be fine for another hour or so before the head ache came back. It is a bit frustrating sometimes...I think I should be able to do "something" and it takes a bit too much effort.  I did manage to make suchi and fresh rolls on Saturday although I forgot some ingredients (not that anyone noticed - hahaha)!  Yes, I's not about cooking for's time for me to do my job, take my medical lumps and get better....hahahah!  That is SOOOO much easier said than done!! I am working on it! The way I look at it is, if I feel good enough to cook, bake, or whatever - then do it!  This stuff isn't getting easier so there will be times where Bob and the kids will just have to "do"....ok, there are already times like this if truth be told.

On another note, the garden is growing!  Fresh spinach, lettuce and onions are on the way.....and hopefully a few carrots to boot!! 

Today ends week 1 of round 3 - I am thankful that I feel like I have turned another chemo corner to recovery!

Lots of love, Shelley


  1. Tell Rob Congratualations and thanks for the warning! Take it easy there girl but if you MUST bake... I don't mind anything chocolatey. ;)

  2. I still like the 365 day calendar option. If you wrote one thing each day, it would only take a year to complete it!

  3. With a 7:45am post, I see how the mornings are an energetic time for you! Take it when you can I say! They rest in some European and South American countries every day from 2-4pm. Shut whole cities down! Siesta time! So you're just getting back to your roots : )
    Take care my friend and enjoy baking for yourself or anyone else when you want to
    Big Love,
    KJTM and Kooper