Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Image from Microsoft Free Clip Art June 2012
Last night was Mikayla's music 20 final at the high school.  Every student is required to perform a song, musical piece, solo or group under the direction of Mr. Hicks. We had no idea what she was doing other than she was "doing" something twice on stage.  Needless to say within seconds of her introducing a "song she wrote for her mom", Bob, Alycia and I were tearing up.  The song she wrote is called "Something Tells Me You'll Be Alright".  The uTube upload is a bit shakey and the camera had to be handed off to Kashtin because we were a mess (a good mess) - proud, honoured and PROUD!  Here is the link to her performance as capture on the iPhone
Something Tells Me You'll Be Alright - lyrics written & performed by Mikayla Lowes; accompanied by Ross


  1. What a wonderful gift - I knew about it, but was sorry I couldn't attend - spring night class. You raised them right, Shell!

  2. All I have to say is "wow" what an awesome job she did on holding herself together to do that for you!! We watched this at work this morning, and yes went straight to work right after of course but what a moving song! Yes Shell you did something right with your babies. Give her a big hug from your DB's at work and let her know she did an awesome job!! Lots of love your way as always!! *mwuah*

  3. Mikayla, you did an awesome job and I give you so much credit for holding it together and doing that for your mom. Shell and BOB, I guess you should be pround, very proud of your daughters accomplishment. Glad to hear that you are holding your own too Shell. Keep up the good fight as phase one is almost over, so half way done soon. Prayers, hugs and lots of love go your way always to you and your family.
    Aunt A

  4. Kids sure have an amazing way of showing their love...what a wonderful gift Mik gave to you and your family...well done!

    Bonnie Gorski

  5. Mikayla you rocked it! Wow, I know hard to believe...i was crying while listening!lol
    Yes you guys are raising 3 pretty wonderful kids!
    Love and tons of hugs comin at y'all...
    KL, Earl and girls!

  6. I have to agree about the fantastic job you and Bob have done in raising 3 incredible kids. Fantastic job Mikayla. Thanks for sharing the video.

  7. Mikayla, what a gift you are to your mom and dad and what a gift that song was for your special mommy (and my special friend). You had such strength as you sang your song. And kudos for Ross for doing this with you! Kudos also to Kashtin for taking over that iPhone : )
    It's moments like the one you created, Mik, that lifts spirits and you gave your mom much more strength in that already strong spirit. You also gave everyone who watched more strength.
    Big Love to all the Lowes as you continue to support your mom and one another,
    KJT and M and Kooper