Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pink = Hope

PINK is Hope.
Pink comes in all shapes and sizes.
Pink is fun!

Our good friends out east, the Murphy's reminded us of the power of PINK.  Bob and I weren't brave enough to model these for the blog - lol!!  Not a pretty sight by any means!!

Round 3 of AC is this Tuesday.  Tomorrow is the blood work and oncologist check-in to make sure all is well.  This past week has been fairly good and I feel ready for Tuesday. Bob and the kids continue to cheer lead me through the days/weeks as do all of you.  I hope this round will have minimal side effects too even though I know these side effects are cumulative.

Prince Albert 2012
Thank you to all our family and friends who particiapted and/or donated to the many Cancer Relay for Life throughout the province.  My sister Karen sent me this picture on Friday night. Thank you!

May this post find you all well! Have an awesome Monday!

Lots of love, Shelley & Bob

P.S. Please keep our dear friends the Hamm's in your prayers as they too begin their cancer journey. xoxo


  1. Hey Shelley and Lowes Family!
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow as you enter the ring for Round 3 Shelley. I know the recovery is tougher with every round. In the end, you'll come out the vistor!
    A special shout out goes to all those participating in a Relay for Life around the Nation. This is a great fundraising event that pulls at my emotions every time.
    Good luck with the gardening Shell! I think I'll go to the farmer's market as per every other year. Shame on me!!
    Remember to get to that lake and enjoy the summer of 2012 as best you can. The fresh air and change of scenery will do you good!!
    Big Love,
    KJTM and Kooper

  2. hi guys! wishing you all the best today hope you re feeling okay shell! we went and looked at ichard and sweeties deck and it looks amazing! we are off to Stoon tomorrow for Mistys convocation (spelling)?? obviously no one came to mine ha ha DUHHH ha ha anyway just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you guys and hoping all is going goood! say hi to Hughy Mungas for me! miss that guy! talk soon!

  3. Hang in there Shelley. We think about you lots and hope to see you at the lake later this summer. Way to go Rob! (I am so scared}

    love Flo, Steve and Shelby