Monday, August 6, 2012

Ode to Round 4 of 12 :)

Here we go! Ready or not!
Round 4 of 12 I will not stop!
These pesky night sweats may keep me hot
Bring it on! Ready or not!

...yeah, I was never an advanced ELA student and yeah, this isn't an "ode"....I am holding my own with Taxol so far.  Woot! Woot!

Bob is in Toronto watching Team Canada U18 tryouts ( I think I got that right!) and will be home tomorrow.  Kids are busy working.

Thanks to Patricia for visiting us this weekend... cleaning lawn furniture cushions, baking and friendship is  simply awesome! xoxo

Enjoy the great weather! Shelley & Bob xoxo


  1. You go, Girlfriend! I know you are stubborn and bossy enough (haha)to handle the next 8 weeks!
    And thank you for a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hey, this English teacher will let you call it an ode. Be well; get your Olympic training mindset on and know the finish line is approaching.