Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Round 5 Complete!

Hello Friends!

Today I completed round 5 of 12....I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  :D  Mikayla drove and sat through my session this week.  Alycia was my gal last week - XOXO to you both!  It gave Bob a bit of a break although he had scout reports to complete last week and today he cleaned the house and made supper! XOXO to Bob too!  So where is Rob you may ask....good question!  Actually he was on airport chauffeur duty last week and today he was out with a migraine..XOXO Rob just because.....

Spent about 2 1/2 hours at the Pasqua Hospital and slept for about an hour while there.  Our sister in-law Terrilynn came by for a visit which was great for Mik - it helped pass the time!  Thanks TL! 

Tonight friends Vaughn, Marjorie and Wil stopped in for supper on their way through Regina.  What a great visit! Marjorie is a BC survivor and a wealth of information! Thanks for your sense of humor and spunk! Safe travels back home - XOXO!

Today also marks my mom's birthday - she's 55 again!  Happy happy birthday to a wonderful and trusting friend, an extraordinaire cook and SUPER mom!  XOXOXOXOXO

Hmmmm,....I noticed there are LOTS of XOXO in tonight's post...perhaps that is the drugs talking/typing!  HAHAHA!  I am feeling the love I guess :)

Highlights of Round 4......
  • Round 4 is complete!
  • Red meat is tasting crazy good!
  • Went to Emma Lake for a few days! (Thanks Karen & Rich for being great hosts!)
  • Visited with my parents, Bob's mom, Maureen and family, Cor, Melissa & Eric, Pooner & Deb, and other great lake friends
  • Saw my cousin Brenda and her daughter and grand kids....haven't seen her in forever!! That was awesome!
  • Met new friends from Carlyle - Dusty & Cheryl...they are not scared of the camp fire stories!!
  • No new side effects from Taxol!
  • Sampled chocolate wine! MMM mmm good!  Although not as good at Peter's homemade chocolate port...Hint! Hint!
  • Trent's birthday
  • Eat, Pray & Walk daily
  • 10 week Canada Cancer Chat Online group ended
Challenges of Round 4....
  • Tired....like I have never experienced before.
  • Heat.... knocked the crap out of me.
  • Hunger....I can pound a bag of chips and dip OR a steak in record breaking time...this is crazy!
  • Hair...the stubble on my head is now grey/white and falling out.  I can count the eye brow hairs left...they are sparse....still shaving my legs! LOL!  Crazy!
  • Feel good week/days....are gone.  There are feel good moments that I will embrace.
  • Night sweats....are now evening and night sweats....Crazy!
  • Remembering to participate in the Online Canada Cancer Chat Research Group :)

Have a wonderful week everyone! Shelley & Bob


  1. Shell it is wonderful to keep us all posted as to your progress. I wait patiently to hear some news. Glas to hear that all is going well and that Bob and the children are all pitching in. How wonderful. Families are so important.
    Prayers are always with you and your family. God Bless and keep you all in His care.
    Lots of hugs to all.
    Aunt A

  2. Ummm - think you forgot an awesome visit in there from a fellow Polack!!! (or maybe that was week 3!) Thanks for the reminiscing and "abundance" of laughs! You look simply beautiful and I am so proud of all of you and honored to be your friend!

    "what kind of pepsi you want ? 7UP or Rootbeer? :-)

    1. Oh Tricia!! Your visit was definately a highlight of my summer!!! So good to reconnect with you and Lou!! Love ya to pieces!! S

  3. Thinking of you lots and counting down with you!! Thoughts and prayers coming your way! Love you lots!