Tuesday, August 21, 2012

6 of 12 Complete!


I am half way done this second phase of chemo.  Today's session last 2 hours and 15 minutes.  I also learned that I am receiving 3 rounds of Taxol in a dense dose state meaning that Day 1, 8, 15 and 21of the rotation equals one round....hence every week for 12 weeks.

Week 5 was uneventful really - just more of week four.  Other highlights include:
  • Lunch with Cheryl (thanks so much - good luck with school start up ;-))
  • Fishing at Rowan's Ravine
  • Visiting, eating and listening to Nick Faye at Pasqua Lake (thanks Leanne & Brian for being awesome hosts and to Grandma Marg for SUPER cooking - love the perogies! Missing my mom!) Nick is an up and coming musician....Check out his music at the link above or here
  • Eat, pray & walk - we are walking 4.2 miles every day....some days that is all I get done but it is worth it! Bob continues to be my inspiration!  My hunger is all day every day....wish I could taste more of what I am eating.
  • Handling Taxol  - so far so good...tired and a bit achy in my back
  • Physio, acupuncture and lymph massage....soooooooo relaxing and sooooooo helpful
  • Blood works continues to be strong - platelets are holding
We would like to wish all our Regina Catholic School  CEC and teacher friends a successful CLASS this week and a great school year start up.

To my Ministry crew,  I have not abandoned you.....I will be in soon :) Miss you all!  .....Talented Amanda McKay is an artist extraordinaire in my opinion....check out her work online! On page 8 of her photo book, there is a painting that she gave me  "We Can with Love"- absolutely beautiful!

Love to all, Shelley & Bob


  1. Thanks for the updates Lowsie. You're an inspiration. Still praying for you.

  2. Happy Halfway, Girlfriend! Stay strong and feel all that love and support that is surrounding you and your family!

  3. Hi guys! we are so glad to know you are half done thats awesome! Geez 4.2 miles is incredible you ARE insperational!! and i drag my butt after a short walk home from Rich N Sweeties!! (although sometimes its one step forward and two back) ha ha. hope you guys have a nice weekend! we are heading to the lakeland.