Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Round 3 of 12 today


Today marks round 3 of 12...1/4 complete....next week will be 1/3 complete.  I have resorted to math versus Snoopy's Work Week Calendar because I seem to be stuck on Week 2.  You see, the thing with these weekly rounds is that there really is no chance to get energy back therefore there is no Week 3...the week that made me feel almost normal...the week where I would jam pack lunches, visits, shopping, house work and all other things normal. But not all is bad.....really!

Things I have noticed with weekly Taxol....
  • Multitasking is no longer a part of my daily activities...  LOL! A huge accomplishment these days is putting the correct ingredients into the bread maker and hoping the phone doesn't ring!
  • When I am tired...I am tired.  That is all.  A nap is required.
  • Night Sweats....what the heck!!  Gentleman....you have NO idea how lucky you are!! These things wake me up consistently between 3:30 - 6:30 AM.....no wonder I am tired!
  • Taste.....some days I can taste...yesterday, I had no clue what my food tasted like!
  • Red meat.....I am craving red meat.  I actually ate 2 steaks in the past two weeks!  I can't recall ever eating a steak by myself....no more leftovers here!
  • Hair...the little bit of stubble on my head is disappearing!  HOWEVER, I did shave my legs AGAIN this past week....@#$@#*(!!
On the positive side.....THANKFULLY, I am not sick....like the vomiting, nauseated kind of feeling.  For that I am thankful!  I am just more tired and foggy.

Here's to being 1/4 of the way done! Cheers to all!  Shelley & Bob


  1. Hey guys! a quarter done means... you only have 3 quarters left to go! thats awesome! Shell I always bug Deb about red meat ha ha Im glad you are craving it! I do daily!! very happy you are not sick and we are looking forward to seeing you guys soon! keep on doing what you re doing!

  2. Hi Shelley!
    Haven't been posting as I had it in my head it was time to call you instead. But - then again - that hasn't happened either. So I'm back to posting on the blog! We were at Clear Lake for a week and you were at the lake on our way thru Regina on the way out. The day we were to head home at 9:00am . . . Jana decided to have her baby! So we went to Brandon to see the little guy before heading back to Ktown. Left Brandon at 3pm. Hit MH around midnight! Stopped for gas in Regina and just kept trucki' Nothing like a steady stream of spits to take away the tireds . . . even with all those cancors in my mouth from too much salt!!
    Glad to hear you had a great time at the lake. The fact you got to go is awesome! And BBB got his fishing fix in . . . I remember when he said watching fishing shows made him feel like he was watching . . . . well . . . you know! Kind of like how Jeff feels when he watches the Tour de France. The rest of us figure it's the same scene playing over and over but those guys see something special in these activities!
    Way to focus your energies on getting through chemo and being able to notice the little differences in life. Keep up the focus and remember we are all thinking of you out in KTown!
    Big Love,
    KJTM and K

  3. What the hell? Is there no justice in the world? You loose all your hair everywhere else AND THEN still have to shave your legs??That's really not fair! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend - we can discuss night sweats and hot flashes while we eat puffed wheat cake and banana chip muffins inbetween naps!!