Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 1 of 12 in Review

Tomorrow is week 2 of 12....this can't go fast enough!! Today is blood work :)

In reflecting on the week, Friday and Saturday were days where it felt like I had a piano tied to me....and I broke out in hives around my ankles!  Nothing that a bit of Benedryl couldn't handle!  We walked every day (except Sunday)...we sweat through the humidity and felt great for it!  All in all, I am very lucky!

Thank you all for your continued prayers & support! Shelley & Bob xoxox


  1. We continue to think about you and appreciate "checking in with you" via this blog. You are an amazing woman!
    D & L

  2. Hello, All! It was so nice visiting with you at the lake! Robbie, I will catch up with you in August! Thanks so much for the hospitality - as always! I have learned of a trick for keeping the horseflies away that we could have used on the boat! Thinking of you lots this week and hoping and praying that it all goes well.