Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prayers & (a few) Swears

It has been a busy past few weeks with tests, assessments, physio, exercise.... and, tomorrow marks the beginning of a return to work plan! Waahoo!  I am actually excited about this! The plan involves three four-hour shifts a week for four weeks.  This will allow me to adjust to the new activity and better manage the expected swelling and discomfort of doing things different.  Along side these work shifts, I will continue with physio therapy and strength training.  It will be busy!

My oncologist appointment last blog post was uneventful really.  I am to continue the course of Tamoxifen and Fragmin every day for the next two years.  At which time I will be switched to Letrozole and Warfin/Pradac. Everything else is fine and I will be monitored every four months for the next bit.

Today I will organize my thoughts on things I am thankful for and things that well, just irked me a bit ;)

Prayers....I am truly thankful for....
  • Return to work plan
  • Uneventful oncology appointment
  • Physio therapy with Tracy, Allissa and Karen
  • Strength training with Jenna
  • Energy to get through the day without the burning desire to have a nap (hmmmm, I may have spoken to soon on this one!)
Swears....(just a few)
  • lovely long eyelashes all fell out!  There is a bit of growth once could be worse. 
  • Eyebrows....they are itchy but I am scared to scratch them in case they follow my eyelashes to the floor
  • has been over a year since I wore a suit and heels to work.  Finding things to look and feel good in is a challenge
  • is brutal outside!  We are to expect 20cm of snow tonight!  Hahaha! It might be a snow day on my first day back......(like that would ever happen in Saskatchewan!!)
More Prayers.....I am thankful that eyelashes, eyebrows, clothes and snow do not define who I am or limit me in any way. These are little set backs in the grand scheme of things.

Cheers to reclaiming a bit more of my former life with renewed "joi de vie"!

Love, Shelley

The Pink Earth Angels are hosting a pancake/brunch breakfast at The Copper Kettle this coming Sunday from 9:00 AM - Noon.  Tickets are at the doors for $15. 
100% of proceeds go to support women and men dealing with breast cancer.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. You, my dear friend, will look beautiful in anything that you wear! You are an truly an inspiration to me and I thank you for educating me and sharing your journey!